Monday 12 January 2015

CryptoWall ransomware variant has new defenses

Cisco found that the latest version of the malware terminates itself if it runs in a virtual machine

Read the full article here

Friday 9 January 2015

Set Google as Default Search Provider in Internet Explorer

Often we are asked to change Internet Explorer default search provider to Google rather than using Bing as their preference.

Unfortunately, if you live outside US, Google is not an option and is missing from the list.

To add Google as your search provider:

1. Open IE, click the Tools icon/button (the gear icon on top right corner)

2. Click Manage Add-ons

3. Select Search Providers

4. On bottom left corner, click on link "Find more search providers..."

5. It will take you to the following address:

6. Change the address from "en-au" to "en-us" as per below:

7. Google Search is now available in the list:

8. Click Add to Internet Explorer

9. Check Make this my default search provider, then click Add button

And you're done!