Tuesday 10 June 2014

Security Threat: GOZeuS and CryptoLocker malware

GOZeus - short for Gameover Zeus - is a peer-to-peer variant of the Zeus family of malware, first identified in September 2011. It is designed to steal bank log-in credentials by searching a compromised PC for files containing financial information. If it fails to find anything of value, it may then install Cryptolocker - "ransomware" that encrypts the PC's hard-disk drive, only providing the decryption key after a fee is paid.

Symantec has released a new tool that removes the component of Gameover Zeus that enables it to bypass and disable antivirus software and then fully remove a Gameover Zeus infection.

Download the tool here:

If you have any concerns regarding this threat, please contact us immediately on 02 8199 7650 or email us in the contact page.

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Windows XP users at risk with new IE exploit

Following our previous post regarding Windows XP no longer supported by Microsoft, consumers and businesses who are still using Windows XP are now at risk with the latest vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. Microsoft has confirmed that no fix will be rolled out for Windows XP because support has officially ended and there are no plans to make an exception.

The remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2014-1776) affects Internet Explorer 6 to the latest version 11 on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

A temporary fix is to use a different browser other than Internet Explorer like Chrome and Firefox. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding the latest security news.

Friday 11 April 2014

Major Security Flaw Notice: Exploit found in OpenSSL "Heartbleed"

This week a vulnerability dubbed “Heartbleed” was found in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library (http://heartbleed.com).  OpenSSL is widely used, often with applications and web servers like Apache and Nginx.   OpenSSL versions 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f contain this vulnerability, which attackers can exploit to read the memory of the systems.  Gaining access to the memory could provide attackers with secret keys, allowing them to decrypt and eavesdrop on SSL encrypted communications and impersonate service providers. Data in memory may also contain sensitive information including usernames and passwords.


Support ends for Windows XP on 8th April, 2014

As of 8th April 2014, support and security updates for Windows XP are no longer available. Don't let your PC go unprotected. If you continue to use Windows XP without XP support, your computer may still work but will become vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Contact us now on +61 2 8199 7650 on how we can help you upgrade to the latest Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

Monday 24 February 2014

Welcome Kerry Prince!

Kerry joins the team on Monday to assist with administration and finance.
You can look forward to hearing from Kerry in the coming weeks as she calls around to get to know you all!
Exciting times Kerry, all the best!

Saturday 22 February 2014

Shadow Protect Rocks!

We've spent the day in the lab putting Storage Craft's Shadow Protect through its paces!
We love it's simplicity and speed to recover a server to bare metal.  Looking forward to helping more clients 'sleep easy' knowing their servers and data are well looked after with this fantastic software.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Microsoft plans for Windows 9

The software giant is expected to unveil details of Windows 8's successor - Windows 9, code-named ''Threshold''. The new operating system is slated to arrive in stores by mid-2015, less than three years after Windows 8 was released to mixed reviews. Just as many Windows users skipped Windows Vista and moved straight from Windows XP to Windows 7, Microsoft will be hoping that those dissatisfied with Windows 8 will instead make a quick transition to Windows 9.

Friday 14 February 2014

Welcome to our newly re-designed website

We are pleased to announce our newly designed website. We are working hard to offer our clients the best possible support experience by integrating our Help Desk support system in our Client Portal. The client portal will enable our clients rapid response times to help desk issues and it includes self service FAQ to common troubleshooting and configuration specific to our clients system and network environment.